Important Info for your Stay

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  • Check out time is 10AM unless other arrangements are made.
  • Please place dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start a load before departing.
  • Please place all trash in receptacles outside.
  • Upon checking out, please make sure all lights/fans are off, and all windows and doors are closed and locked.

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Refrigerators: When the refrigerator is open (i.e. for cleaning and stocking), it may have lost temperature. Please allow 24 hours to reach ideal temperature setting. It may take longer if the refrigerator is opened frequently, or very full. Ice makers will not turn on until it reaches the temperature set point.

Internet: Most internet issues can be resolved with a simple reboot of the modem. Unplug the power cord, and leave it unplugged for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Do not hit the reset button, as this could reset the password. Network and passwords are posted in the property.

AC: Leave in “Auto” & “Cool” mode and do not set below 74 degrees. If you set it below the recommended temperature, it may “freeze up” and stop cooling.

Please ensure all windows and doors are closed if the AC is on.

If you have a dehumidifier (another unit besides the AC, with a numbered knob), please leave it set to on.

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  • Please shower off before entering the pool. The use of sunscreens, oils, and sand have a negative affect and this step will help keep the pool clean and clear throughout your stay.
  • If you are visiting during the winter / colder months, please let us know if you do not plan on using the pool so we can shut the heaters off and save energy
  • In the winter months when it is cold out, we set pools heaters (if applicable) to a temperature of 83 degrees. Please note that ideal temperatures may not be achievable due to weather conditions, such as rain and extreme cold. These conditions may limit the pool’s ability to heat.
  • Heaters are locked for your safety. If you alter the controls it will harm the system, and could prevent your pool from heating at all.
  • Please do not allow children around the pool unsupervised. Door alarms are installed to alert you of access to the pool areas. Please do not take these down.
  • Please do not run around the pool, or dive in shallow water.
  • Please do not bring glass into or around the pool areas.

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  • Not all homes feature a hot tub / spa as part of the pool
  • Press “Spa/Spa Party” button ONCE
  • Allow 60-90 minutes for it to heat up. Please be patient. These are electric heaters, not gas. You will not immediately feel hot water coming from the jets
  • When in “Spa” mode, the pool will not circulate or heat. You are isolating the filter and heater for spa use only. Once the timer expires (Usually 3hrs) it will automatically kick back into “pool” mode.

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Green can is for household trash.

Blue can is for recycle trash.

Please take all trash outside, and can to the street curb the night before the pick up day listed below.

Anna Maria City: Monday (Trash and Recycle) & Thursday (Trash only)

Holmes Beach: Monday & Friday  (Trash only); Tuesday (Recycle only)

Bradenton Beach: Monday (Trash only) & Thursday (Trash and Recycle)

Please note the cities have requirements about when trash cans are allowed at the curb. Please don’t take them out too early, or leave them out. Please let us know if you need assistance, or have overflowing trash cans.

Recycling guidelines here:

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Code enforcement is very strict. Please pay attention to all the parking sides.

  • No parking on sidewalks or street (tires can’t touch or cross the boundary, even slightly).
  • Park in the direction of traffic. No parking the wrong direction of traffic.
  • No angled parking. Please park parallel to the road.
  • No double parking.
  • No blocking driveways.
  • Do not park within 30’ of stop sign.
  • Do not park within 20’ of intersection.

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Trolley: The county bus system offers a free trolley with transportation from AMI City Pier in the North, to Coquina beach in the South. The service runs from 6 am to 10:30 pm, with frequency approximately every 20 minutes. More information, including a map and schedule, can be found here.

Monkey Bus – a private transportation service that works off tips, and runs well after midnight. Rides are offered in golf carts and old mini school buses, and vehicle is equipped with karaoke equipment

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  • The Island has over 7 miles of beaches in total. There are many access points in all three cities, marked by signs.
  • Please note lifeguards are only present at 2 beaches: Coquina Beach and Manatee Public Beach
  • Please read here for more lifeguard information, such as their hours of operation
  • Please reference the flags of the lifeguard stations to inform you of water conditions
  • Please note some areas of the beach experience strong tides and rip tides. Tides are especially strong around the North end / Bean point. Should you get caught in a rip tide, it is recommended to swim with it parallel to shore, not against it.
  • When collecting shells, be sure the shells do not have living critters in them. Please leave living sand dollars in the water.
  • Note not all homes have beach equipment for use. If you are in need of chairs, wagons, etc. for rent, we recommend Beach Bums.

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