It’s a First Friday Party!

First Friday PartyFirst Friday Party

May 7th  5-7 pm

Sato Real Estate
519 Pine Ave
Anna Maria, FL

If you know Sato Real Estate then you know what happens on the First Friday.  If you don’t let me tell you.  Back when we first opened in 2006 we decided to start a tradition on the first Friday of each month and that tradition continues today.  We wanted to bring together all of our friends, soon-to-be friends, and visitors in the Anna Maria Island community to have good conversation, great food, and drinks.  This is all about fun not business.  For new residents and visitors, this party is a great way to mingle with the local residents and learn more about our island life.   So come party with us on this First Friday.  Just be careful, you may just meet your new best friend on Anna Maria Island!