Missing in Action!

I got off to such a great start with the Sato Real Estate blog and then boom, I was thrown for a loop with illness.  So after 2 long months of poking and prodding by several of our finest Doctors, I was diagnosed with a non lethal ailment, stitched up and put out to heal.  Barbara tried every way to get a picture of me, looking oh so lovely, but (yea!) couldn’t.  She does have a devious side so I don’t think I’m out of the woods yet on that count.

Some things I missed that I would have blogged about:

Monica’s 34th birthday (again).  Happy Birthday Mon!

Last months First Friday, the most attended since we started.

Upturn in sales at Sato Real Estate!

Great rental season, fully booked and loaded!

I will come back and expand on some of these in future blogs, I need facts!

Debi Varelis

Sato Real Estate