R. I. P.

We’ve experienced the death of a very important part of our Sato Real Estate business family. From Day 1 -its been here with us, chugging along through our inept and at times rough use of its services.  We’ve thanked it, cursed it, wanted to kick it a few times, but it always raised its true colors and delivered.  Oh, the deals made on it, its ink given in service, we will miss it greatly.  As it got older and crankier, the use of tape increased to hold it together, and the amount of paper that was devoured grew tenfold.  Many times, only Monica could revive it from the dead.

This weekend, under the guidance of the “Holy Terrors”, it was laid to rest.  Yes, it’s true.  In ten minutes, Ilona, Liza and Sherry managed to kill our beloved printer, shut down our internet, and dump our rental scheduling program.  Stories are conflicting; however, rumor has it that Barbara has papers signed in blood somewhere.

We will miss you,

Debi Varelis

Sato Real Estate