Anna Maria Vacation Rentals Compared to Hotels

It’s time to make what will perhaps be the most important decision of your vacation after choosing where you are headed. Vacation rentals compared to hotels is a choice that faces many a vacationer when it comes time to choose the spot you will be laying your head down while you enjoy the multitude of planned vacation activities. Depending on your preference vacation rentals have several advantages over hotels especially when it comes to the wonderful paradise known as Anna Maria Island.

Vacation Rentals Compared to Hotels Privacy

Nothing ruins a getaway faster than running straight into the same hustle and bustle you are trying to take a respite from. On average hotels are more likely to be located in areas that are central locations in a city. This is done so they can be a convenient place to reach the multiple amenities hotel visitors have come to expect. While vacation rentals like the majority of Sato Real Estate Anna Maria vacation rentals are located in more intimate locations. This is due to the fact that these rentals are actual houses, condos or cottages meant for living in and not just to meet high margin rates hotels rooms are designed to achieve.

Vacation Rentals Compared to Hotels Room Size

In the race to save meet ever decreasing profit margins hotels, especially big chains, have made it their goal to minimize room sizes in order to increase the amount of visitors they can host at any given time. Unfortunately for those weary travelers who enjoy a vacation where they can spread out to relax this leads to discomfort. The average hotel room measures in at 325 feet compared to the average vacation rental which comes in at 1,300 feet. That’s a 300% difference!

That Unbeatable Vacation Rentals Home Feeling

“There is no place like home” as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz. Hotels tend to have an impersonal feeling about them. After all, how can hundreds of rooms each built to the same specifications with the same appliances not evoke a feeling of sameness? Vacation rentals on the other hand are homes complete with unique personalities depending on your preference. Anna Maria vacation home renters even have a preference of renting the same home year after year to recreate that same home like feeling. There is something comforting about relaxing in a unique, spacious, and welcoming home.

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