International Visitors Information for Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a welcoming island with people whose personalities match the warm sun that warms its never ending sandy shores.  Many of our visitors travel far to reach our Island paradise, so we’ve put together some helpful information to plan a trip. We hope our international visitors will find these tips especially handy, as they have to travel a further distance to enjoy the wonderful sun baked Anna Maria Island.

Nearby International Airports

Florida has an overabundance of airports servicing international visitors. There are two major air ports in the general area around Anna Maria Island. Tampa International Airport is the bigger of the two and about a one hour drive to Anna Maria. There are plenty of transportation options once you reach the airport including taxis, airport shuttles, and even Uber or Lyft options for budget minded international visitors.

Sarasota-Bradenton International airport is only 30 minutes away from Anna Maria Island. It’s a little quieter for those discerning visitors who prefer shorter traveling times. International visitors like the fact that it avoids the usual hustle and bustle of huge airports which can be a life saver after an often long and tiring trip.

Getting Around Anna Maria Island

International VisitorsAfter taking in the breathtaking views of Anna Maria Island and checking in you are probably wondering how you will get around the island. Car rental options are abundant as well as taxis but we recommend a slower mode of travel to truly take in all the island has to offer. One of the most unique features of the island that our European international visitors love is the free Anna Maria Island Trolley. It operates from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and hits three main landmarks of the island. It bounces between the superb Anna Maria City Pier, Manatee Public Beach and Coquina Beach.

A local favorite activity to see the sights at your own leisure is renting a bicycle. The streets are bike friendly plus shops and beaches have parking spaces to store your bike as you explore the island. Rental offices have golf carts as well as scooters available for those who prefer motorized traveling options. However after so many hours of traveling time, our international visitors find that just walking amounts to a relaxing and enjoyable Anna Maria experience.

 Stay Safe with Travel Insurance

The longer your trip the more chances you have of things going wrong .And although we wish your trip to be trouble free and a smooth experience we recommend you prepare for any eventualities that you might run into during your vacation. Sato Real Estate recommends you retain travel insurance to cover any emergencies you may run into during your trip such as accidents, illnesses, missed flights, etc. For our client’s convenience we partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide a hassle free vacation travel insurance process.

We are sure we may have missed some of the questions you may have as an international visitor to Anna Maria Island. So give Sato Real Estate a call at (941) 778-7200 or send us a quick email and we’ll answer any additional questions you might have!