Real Estate Expert Our own Jason Sato!

Jason has started a new venture to educate the public on the changes in the way business is done in this new economy.  There are books upon books to advise us on the way to make money in real estate, in normal times, but very few that can explain short sales. foreclosures and dropping property prices.  Jason is taking his time on a local radio station in a series called “Ask the Expert” where listeners write or call in questions, he explains what we all are wondering right now.

His very first question was about short sales and the second was about current market conditions in real estate today.   Interesting and informative in easy to understand terms, I felt I was sitting across from Jason as he patiently handled each question.

To see the pod cast online, go to:

or listen at 107.9 WSRZ

Debi Varelis

Sato Real Estate