Scuba Diving on Anna Maria Island

scuba diving on Anna MariaThere is a little known secret on Anna Maria Island that even residents may not be aware of – scuba diving. There exists not one but two prime spots to enjoy scuba diving on Anna Maria Island. Divers with a historical interest will be delighted to know that one of those spots is a historical area that is classified as an underwater archaeological preserve. Our slice of paradise features diving charters, equipment rentals, and even guides to help you on your scuba adventure.

 Anna Maria Scuba Diving Equipment Rentals

Let’s get you properly outfitted for your exciting scuba diving outing. There are several diving outfitters on island you should check out to rent your gar. One to recommend is Sea Kat Divers, located on Bradenton Beach. They have equipment for rent, as well as classes and workshops in case scuba diving is a new undertaking for you.

Scuba Diving Spots on Anna Maria Island

Now that you’re all decked out in the proper gear, let’s dive into the places you will be exploring on your scuba diving excursion on Anna Maria. Spanish Rocks Reef is a hidden treasure off Gulf that represents a very rare saltwater shore dive on the west coast of Florida. The reef consists of limestone that plays host to a myriad of marine animals that include sponges, tunicates, seaweed and even corals. Regina Sugar Barge is Florida’s 10th Shipwreck Underwater Archaeological Preserve conveniently located right across from the Sea Kat Dive Shop we mentioned earlier. The dive site is about 20 feet deep and only 75 yards from the coast. It is a must see for underwater ocean explorers and history lovers alike.

Suba Diving Charters on Anna Maria

For the convenient minded who want a perfectly planned experience especially those with limited vacation time, Anna Maria has plenty of scuba diving charters to me your needs. Blue Water Explorers has been around the south Florida area for going on 35 years now. They are known for their one of kind adventures which includes all the equipment you’ll need as well as a guide for a fully managed experience. Next up we have Captain Bruce Roemer of Unwind Charters who provides all the equipment you need for your scuba diving excursion as well.

Make your own memories of scuba diving on Anna Maria Island reach out to the Sato Real Estate Anna Maria vacation rentals team at (941) 778-7200 or shoot us a quick message.