Anna Maria Island, 5 Historical Places To Visit

Anna Maria Island, Florida is known for its white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. But one thing that visitors overlook is the island’s rich history.

If you’re looking to learn about our local history or a visitor who wants to explore something new, you’ll love visiting these five places:

  • Anna Maria Historical Society and Anna Maria City Jail

The Anna Maria Historical Society is the island’s oldest museum, it has been transformed from the building that used to be the island’s ice house in the 1920’s. Today the building stores artifacts and photographs from the island’s colorful history. Also located at the museum is the Anna Maria City Jail, which was first used to house those convicted of disturbing the island’s peace. But now, the jail is part of the museum exhibit, and is a popular location for people to take pictures at.

  • Bridge Street PierBridgeStreetPier

In the early 1900’s, Anna Maria Island was only accessible by boat. But in 1921, a wooden bridge was built to connect the island to the mainland, allowing trade and travel to flourish on the island.

In 1967, a part of the bridge was converted into a pier and has since then been home to some of Anna Maria’s oldest fairs and food stalls. Families come to enjoy the sun, ocean and food here.

  • Bean Point

Bean Point Beach is where the home of Anna Maria island’s first permanent resident once stood. The beach is named after the resident, George Emerson Bean, and is a beautiful site that is special to our island’s history. George Emerson Bean’s small house is no longer there, but it is now one of the island’s most-loved, but less populated beaches.

The lush greenery, beautiful waters and the wildlife around this little beach make it a gem of a place. Bring the family for a picnic while you’re in town.

  • Historic Green Village

Take a walk through the Historic Green Village to view restored mansions that have been around for centuries. The homes here are eco-friendly and powered by solar panels. The village is the only fully-sustainable neighborhood on the island.

Where to stay when in Anna Maria?

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