Anna Maria Island is Open!

If you’ve turned on the news this summer, you have heard how red tide is negatively affecting the Florida Coast. Although red tide is a problem for Florida residents and visitors, luckily for Anna Maria Island, the worst of the problem has remained further south. Some days are worse than others, and some people find it more irritable than. However, the business and rental homes are open! People are still dining outside, walking the beach, enjoying sunsets, and swimming in the pools.

red tide

Here we have a handy guide for our visitors to learn about red tide and the effects it could have on your visit to Anna Maria Island.

What is Red Tide?

Red tide is a harmful bloom of algae. When it happens, small simple plants that live in mostly salt water grow out of control to the point where they turn toxic to the animals in the water and any humans who are sensitive to them. Detrimental human effects from red tide are rare, although dangerous in some cases of extreme allergy. People who are sensitive to red tide usually experience minor respiratory irritation or skin irritation if directly exposed. The worst effects of red tide affect sea creatures such a fish, shellfish, marine mammals and birds.

Red Tide Facts

To avoid our visitors from unnecessarily worrying about the effects of red tide, we wanted to share some information:

  • It is a ubiquitous event – While red tide is exasperated by human pollutants, red tide is naturally occurring and can come and go without notice. It can affect a whole beach, or only a portion. And it can be found throughout Its effects expand and wane on a daily basis.
  • Red tide turns the water red – in high enough concentrations red tide does discolor water red or a brown hue. But clear water can still be found during a bloom, especially in areas with stronger currents.
  • Fish become toxic to eat – consumption of shellfish caught in red tide affected waters’ can be harmful to humans during red tide but this is concentrated to extreme cases of high algae bloom concentrations.
  • Swimming is dangerous – swimming is not deemed dangerous during red tide for those not sensitive to the red tide organism. It is recommended rinsing off with freshwater once out of the water however. We recommend checking lifeguard towers for swim conditions and restrictions. We’ve seen green flags flying!

Trusted Red Tide News Sources

The best way to keep up with accurate red tide news on Anna Maria Island is daily updates from trusted sources of information. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has daily updates on red tide conditions as well as 24 hour emergency hotline in case you need assistance. For a more visual representation of beach conditions the Beach Bistro has a live web cam pointing right at the water. The Anna Maria Island Chamber has been conducting daily surveys of conditions, and sharing them on their Facebook Page.

You can also reach out to Sato Real Estate at (941) 778-7200 or shoot us a quick email for more information on current red tide news on Anna Maria Island.